Ohmama Fetish Silver Rivet Flogger


The Ohmama Fetish Silver Rivet Flogger, with a 60 cm length, is a versatile BDSM gear for various play styles. Made from a blend of PVC, wood, and iron, it offers durability and a unique experience with its silver rivets. Ideal for both novice and experienced BDSM practitioners seeking a reliable and effective flogger.

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GTIN: 8435565933883 SKU: D-230116

 BDSM Gear –  BDSM Silver Rivet Flogger

The Ohmama Fetish Silver Rivet Flogger is a dynamic tool for BDSM players, crafted to suit both beginners and experts. Measuring 60 cm in overall length, this flogger strikes a balance between reach and control. It features silver rivets that add both a visual appeal and a unique sensory experience during use.

Constructed with a composition of 75% PVC, 20% wood, and 5% iron, the BDSM flogger is built for durability and effectiveness. The PVC strands provide a mix of sensations, while the wooden handle ensures a solid grip, and the iron components add to the overall sturdiness. This flogger is ideal for those who seek a reliable and versatile instrument for their BDSM play, offering an effective way to explore various types of impact play.

Key Features:

  • Whip with silver rivets for a unique sensory experience
  • Overall length of 60 cm for balanced control
  • Composition: 75% PVC for flexibility, 20% wood for grip, 5% iron for durability
  • Suitable for all levels of BDSM practice



The Ohmama product range is perfect for gifts. A product available to everyone with perfect quality. A unique combination in this line of toys



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