Fetish Submissive Position Master 4 Handcuffs


The Fetish Submissive Position Master 4 Handcuffs Set is a versatile and innovative tool for enhancing BDSM experiences. This unique set is designed to facilitate the master position, ideal for penetration with legs up, offering an enhanced level of control and pleasure. Made from high-quality materials like neoprene, nickel-free metal, and vegan leather, this set prioritizes both comfort and durability. The adjustable and resistant vegan leather bindings keep the legs in place, while the padded vegan leather collar ensures maximum comfort during use. This comprehensive set is perfect for BDSM enthusiasts seeking quality, versatility, and resistance in their play.

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GTIN: 8435565924928 SKU: D-218904

Explore new heights of pleasure and control with the Fetish Submissive Position Master 4 Handcuffs set. This BDSM accessory offers an innovative way to enhance your intimate experiences. The set’s design and functionality invite you to delve into creative and controlled scenarios where comfort and pleasure coexist seamlessly.

Fetish Submissive Position Master 4 Handcuffs Product Information:

  • Materials: Neoprene, Nickel-Free Metal, Vegan Leather
  • Set Includes:
    • 2 Adjustable Straps from Neck to Leg
    • 2 Ankle Handcuffs
    • 2 Handcuffs for Wrists
    • 1 Neck Accessory
  • Design: Ergonomic and Comfortable
  • Adjustability: 100% Adjustable for a Perfect Fit
  • Durability: Resistant and Suitable for Any Game
  • Comfort: Soft and Padded Vegan Leather
  • Suitable for BDSM Enthusiasts

Position Master 4 Handcuffs Utilization and Utility:

The Fetish Submissive Position Master 4 Handcuffs set is an essential bondage tool for exploring new dynamics in erotic play. Its adjustability and ergonomic design make it ideal for a variety of body types, ensuring a comfortable yet secure experience. The set’s versatility allows for multiple positioning options, enhancing the exploration of power dynamics and physical control. This utility extends beyond mere physical restraint; it provides a means to deepen trust and communication between partners. Whether used as a tool for dominance or as a way to explore submission, the Position Master set offers a safe and satisfying way to expand the boundaries of intimate play. Its durability and quality construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of various scenarios, making it a valuable addition to any BDSM collection.

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 60 × 270 × 215 mm



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