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How to explore sensory play at home? Five Tips

Sensory play

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 03:35 pm

Sensory play, or sensation play, is a term that describes a range of activities that engage one or more senses to provoke sexual arousal.

Even common activities like spanking or giving a sensual massage fall under this category. Sensation play can enhance the sexual experience, help connect with the body, and focus on the present moment during intimacy. It can also be a part of BDSM, including powerplay dynamics and edge play. Here's a guide to sensation play for beginners:

What is sensory play?

Sensory play involves engaging the senses, such as taste, to provoke sexual arousal. It aims to enhance the sexual experience with different stimuli, expanding and enhancing the meaning of sex. It can also help connect with the body and focus on the present during intimate moments. Sensory play can include some pain, falling under the BDSM umbrella, and some find the fear of pain or getting hurt during intense painful sensory play extremely pleasurable.

Why include sensory play in our sexual routine?

The main goal of sensation play is to enhance sexual experiences with various stimuli. It can help connect with the body and focus on the present during intimate moments. While not inherently kinky, it can be a way to engage in BDSM, such as powerplay dynamics, where one partner controls and the other receives stimulation.

How to explore sensory play at home?

  • Try sensory deprivation.
  • Turn up the heat (or cool it down).
  • Discover your taste buds.
  • BDSM-Painful pleasure.
  • Does it tickle your fancy?

Try sensory deprivation.

Sensory deprivation is a beginner-friendly way to explore sensation play. It involves taking away one or more senses, enhancing the others, and creating an intense sensory experience. This can be done by using a blindfold to remove sight, earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to remove hearing, or a ball gag to take away the ability to speak. Breath play, or erotic asphyxiation, is a high-risk sensory deprivation that can offer intense sensations but can be dangerous if not performed correctly.

Turn up the heat (or cool it down)

Temperature play involves experimenting with hot and cold temperatures for pleasure. Tools like massage oil candles are perfect for beginners, as the melted wax can be used as a massage oil. Wax play involves using low-temperature wax candles and dripping hot wax on the body. Cooling off with ice cubes or cooling sex toys made of glass and steel can also be a fun change-up.

Discover your taste buds.

Engaging taste buds with various food items during sexual play can be a fun experience. Whipped cream, figs, strawberries, chocolate, or popping candy can be enjoyed together or eaten off the body. However, it's essential to avoid using food on the vulva and in the vagina to prevent disrupting the microflora and unbalancing a healthy vaginal pH.

BDSM-Painful pleasure.

Pleasurable pain can be explored through tools like pinwheels, which give a tingly sensation, or impact play like spanking, whipping, or flogging. Nipple clamps can also add painful yet pleasurable sensations.

Does it tickle your fancy?

For those who prefer gentle sensation play, soft ticklers can be used to explore different sensations. Lightly dragging fingertips or using a feather tickler can create a soothing and relaxing sensation.


Sensation play offers various forms and can lead to an ever-evolving sex journey. Whether it's sensory deprivation, temperature play, engaging taste buds, painful pleasure, or gentle tickling, sensation play provides a wide array of experiences to explore and enjoy. It's a way to enhance sexual experiences, connect with the body, and explore new dimensions of pleasure and intimacy. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, sensation play can add excitement and novelty to your sexual repertoire.


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