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Satisfying Sexual Relations in a Busy Summer Season

Satisfying Sexual Relations

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 03:35 pm

How to have satisfying sexual relations with your partner in Summer?

Summer is filled with beach parties, barbecues, and travel, leaving little time for intimacy. But these quickie tips can help you feel satisfied and connected with your partner, even within a fifteen-minute window.

Dirty talk with your partner

Getting in the mood fast can be achieved by expressing exactly what you want to do to each other. If you're not feeling chatty, making some noise to show your pleasure can also work. You can even prepare for the occasion by texting each other your dirty thoughts throughout the day.

Use a sex toy to up your arousal

Sex toys are not just for orgasms; they can also boost physical arousal by increasing blood flow where it counts. When you're in a hurry, a couple-friendly vibrator like the Coverme Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator can be your best friend. Mix its vibration and suction modes as you like, and this toy will make you reach ecstasy comfortably and explosively, being the best friend you can have by your side in your most intimate moments.

Use water-based lube for the perfect quickie.

If there's a vagina involved, a few minutes might not be enough time to get as wet as you'd like. That's where lube comes in handy. It's essential for anal play, and the feeling of wetness can remind your brain that something sexy is happening, creating a feedback loop of arousal. Additionally, a long vibrator can be used to massage the a-spot, the area behind the cervix, increasing arousal and lubrication.

Mix up the familiar and the taboo.

Quickies are not the time to try out acrobatic new positions. Stick to the moves you both already love, but that doesn't mean it has to be routine. Add an element of taboo by having sex anywhere but in bed, wearing something extra racy, adding some light restraint, or anything else that excites you.

Make a playlist that gets you in the mood.

Setting a timer might be practical, but the shrill beeping can be a mood killer. Instead, create a short playlist of songs that get you in the mood. When the playlist runs out, you'll know it's time to wrap up, celebrate with a high five, and start getting dressed.


Quickies can be a fun and satisfying way to connect with your partner, espeduring a busy summer season. By incorporating dirty talk, using vibrators, adding lube, mixing familiar moves with taboo elements, and setting the mood with a playlist, you can make the most of a short window of time. These tips can help you enjoy a fulfilling quickie that leaves both partners feeling satisfied and connected, no matter how packed your calendar might be.


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