Tenga Spinner Brick Male Masturbator


Tenga Spinner Brick Male Masturbator. An internal coil makes the Tenga Spinner Shell Male Masturbator twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations! Enjoy a unique sensation like none other.

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Tenga Spinner Brick Male Masturbator

TENGA is pleased to announce three new additions to its popular SPINNER series!

The NEW TENGA SPINNER will have 3 new types of spiral stimulation!

Its internal spiral expands and contracts to offer incredible spinning sensations, providing unique and indescribable new forms of stimulation for lovers of the original trio. Take a tour of its 3 spiral details!

An all-new internal coil makes the SPINNER turn as you insert it, sending incredible sensations with every hit. Enjoy a unique feeling like no other.

  • 06 BRICK: a spiral of striking tiles

Each TENGA SPINNER includes a single serving bag of TENGA HOLE LOTION REAL.

Is the Tenga Brick Spinner reusable?
Absolutely! The Tenga Brick Spinner is designed for multiple uses. With proper washing and care, you can enjoy it time and again. However, remember that its longevity might vary based on usage methods, choice of lubricant, cleaning, storage, and overall maintenance. For an optimal experience, we recommend using the TENGA HOLE LOTION and always adhering to the care instructions.

Is it electronic?
No, the Tenga Brick Spinner is manually operated, ensuring you have full control over your pleasure.

What sets each TENGA SPINNER apart?
Every TENGA SPINNER boasts a unique internal structure, offering a distinct sensation. The material firmness varies to tailor the experience. For detailed insights and images of the internal designs, please visit the specific TENGA SPINNER product page.

How do I clean my Tenga Brick Spinner?
Cleaning is a breeze:

  1. Turn the insertion point inside out (up to the coil) and rinse under cold or tepid water.
  2. Pat dry with a towel.
  3. Position the SPINNER on its Drying Case for air drying.
  4. Once fully dry, store it in its case.

Ensure you wash with cold or tepid water and use only neutral or mild soap. Avoid soaps with high acid or alkaline content as they can damage the material. Alcohol and other cleaners are a no-go. Always ensure your SPINNER is clean and dry before storing to prevent mold and other build-ups.

What’s the size and properties of the Tenga Brick Spinner?
Crafted with stretchable material, it has an insertion depth of approximately 17cm and a width of about 5cm.

What materials constitute the Tenga Brick Spinner?
The casing is made of PP, PS, and PE. The product itself is crafted from Elastomer. The included lotion, HOLE LOTION [REAL] (Red), contains ingredients like Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, and more.

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 143 mm



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