Lelo Luna Beads Plus


For women looking to improve their feelings and intimate relationships and achieve longer and more intense orgasms, LELO Beads ™ Plus is everything you are looking for.

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For women looking to improve their feelings and intimate relationships and achieve longer and more intense orgasms, LELO Beads ™ Plus is everything you are looking for. And is that LELO Beads ™ Plus is a luxurious set of 6 spheres with weights that offer 44% more combinations to tone the pelvic floor. Fully submersible and safe for the body, they are perfect for carrying out Kegel exercises and spicing up your romantic encounters.


Test your pelvic floor with this luxurious set of 6 balls with interchangeable weights. With a greater variety of combinations for your Kegel routines, LELO Beads ™ Plus vibrate gently as you move, helping you gradually achieve more intense orgasms. Tone and enjoy with the best vaginal balls on the market: LELO Beads ™ Plus are here



  • • Develop greater control and intensity of your orgasms with these vaginal balls. Use them in the preliminaries or during your relationships and tone your pelvic floor.
  • • We add two 60g balls so you can strengthen your muscles even more.
  • • GREATER NUMBER OF COMBINATIONS FOR GREATER VERSATILITY With 6 balls to choose from, which represent 44% more combinations for your routines.
  • • With an extra-soft and biocompatible premium silicone connector

LELO Beads ™ Plus is a luxurious set of 6 weighted spheres that offers you a greater variety of combinations to tonic your pelvic floor. The weights inside make the balls vibrate smoothly when you move and help you achieve a greater number of progressively more intense orgasms. (Classic size: Ø 35 mm

  • • Choose the weight that you consider most appropriate based on the condition of your pelvic floor. Apply LELO Personal Moisturizer on the spheres and on your body, for greater
  • • comfort and pleasure.
  • • Place each ball in the silicone connector, making sure you pass the string
  • • extraction through the opening.
  • • Now, with the pull cord outside the connector, insert the balls
  • • in the vagina, pushing gently, but firmly.
  • • The sphere closest to the entrance to the vagina should be about 2 cm.
  • • To remove them, relax your muscles and pull slowly and gently.
  • • Material: ABS / Biocompatible silicone / Nylon cord Connector size: 89 x 35 x 16 mm
  • • Diameter of the spheres: 35 mm

Weights: 2 x 28g, 2 x 37g, 2 x 60g


  • • Exercise your pelvic muscles while wearing them when you walk, swim, even when sitting. With the simple contraction and relaxation of your vaginal muscles, you will generate a simple and consistent training routine, with minimal effort.
  • • With 2 spheres of 28 g, 2 of 37 g and 2 of 60 g to offer a greater variety of combinations and help you to tone progressively.
  • • Extra-soft and biocompatible premium silicone for total comfort and tranquility.
  • • Fully submersible, they are incredibly easy to clean

LELO Beads ™ Plus consists of a silicone connector and six weighted balls. Individually or in combination with the silicone connector, LELO Beads ™ Plus offer you an easy, effective and effortless way to optimize pelvic floor training. A discreet and totally safe alternative for the body, with LELO Beads ™ Plus you will tone the vaginal walls and muscles of the pelvic floor with minimal effort. Now with a greater variety of combinations, all are bene fi ts for the

Weight 409 g
Dimensions 53 × 140 × 187 mm



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