Terms and Conditions


I. Order and Price Modalities


Members have the possibility to carry out all their orders from the Internet page: www.dayra.eu

Each user of Dayra.eu declares with full capacity to use credit cards and that they have sufficient funds to cover all the costs that result from the purchase of products through dayra.eu.

Each user understands the meaning of the "cash on delivery" method and agrees to pay the payment of his order when he picks it up. Otherwise Dayra.eu reserves the right to charge all costs generated by shipping and return, in addition to those generated by the refund.

By pressing the "confirm" button during the purchase process, the member declares to accept fully and unreservedly the totality of these General Conditions of Sale.

The data recorded by Dayra.eu constitute proof of the transactions made between Dayra.eu and its customers.

The prices of our products do not include transportation costs.

Dayra.eu reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time of registering the orders (subject to availability of the product).


II. Availability 

Dayra.eu will make every effort to please all its customers in the demand for the products. In case of unavailability of the product after the order has been made the member will be informed by email of cancellation of this one. As a result of this demand, the speed of the return in the bank account of the customer will depend on the type of bank card and the conditions of each bank. These terms are again specified in the "Delivery" clause. 

III. Payment 

The Purchasing Regulations are made by bank card, Paypal or cashback. The bank cards accepted are: Visa and MasterCard, Maestro, etc. In the event that the POS (Point of Sale Terminal) reports the denial of the card, the order will be automatically canceled, informing the customer of such annulment on-line. 

In the event of a refund or cancellation of the order, the Payment Processing Bank may take up to 30 days until the amount on your Bank Card becomes effective.

IV. Security

For your security the system of payment is through the secure and encrypted payment gateway of an authorized payment processor company "PlatiOnline" The bank data entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to the servers of the bank and are subsequently verified with the issuing bank to prevent possible fraud and abuse. This data entry procedure is guaranteed by 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, one of the most advanced and efficient protection systems currently available, thanks to which no third party will have access to this information via the Internet To the bank data entered by the customer. Only the payment processing company has access to the banking data linked to these means of payment.  

V. Delivery 

The estimated delivery time is 24/72 hours. The transportation costs will be at the buyer's expense. Delivery and delivery times will be counted from the moment the payment is confirmed. The Buyer shall not be entitled to any compensation for any delays in delivery. Dayra.eu will ask its customers to choose the place of delivery, specifying the exact address where they want the product to be delivered, where it will receive it within a period that will depend on the availability of the product, as well as the transport agency . Dayra.eu will inform the customer of the order output of the distribution warehouse, by sending an email, also providing the customer with a tracking number.In case the collection of the goods is the responsibility of the Buyer and the Buyer does not collect it after making it available, Dayra.eu shall have the right to store the goods or, after requesting the Buyer, to proceed with their delivery or compensatory sale on account And risk of this. In the case of successive deliveries, if the Purchaser persists in not picking up the goods, Dayra.eu will be able to resolve the purchase-sale commitment, thereby canceling that part of the pending order. Each delivery is considered to be effected from the provision of the product to the customer by the carrier, materialized by the control system used by the carrier. It is up to the recipient to check the order at the time of delivery and then make all reservations and claims that are justified, even have the possibility to reject the package, if it had been opened or if it has clear signs of deterioration. Reservations and complaints should be directed to Dayra.eu via email to the address you will find on the Dayra.eu website 

VI. Returns 

Only complaints received by e-mail to contact@dayra.eu. Shall be admitted. The deadline to claim will be 24 hours from the delivery of the product by the courier company to the customer. For reasons of hygiene, no changes or returns of intimate items such as lingerie, dildos, harnesses, accessories for the penis, lingerie or other foodstuffs, unless technical failure detected before use, or if the product received is different from the purchased one . Nor shall it apply to any product that has been unsealed after delivery unless technical failure detected before use. Once contact has been made with Customer Service, the refund process of the sums contributed by the buyer will be established. Such return will be made at the customer's choice in one of the following ways:     In the same environment as the payment    By changing for other items    By returning the amount in points redeemable in future purchases. The refund to the client as a result of this refund, will be made within the maximum period of 14 days from the withdrawal. The return of the products will result in a refund equal to the purchase price of the returned product (s) and the outgoing costs of the product from Dayra.eu to the customer. The refund does not include any return costs of product (s) returned from the customer to Dayra.eu. Anyone who returns your product will receive an email informing you of the amount of your refund.


VII. Liability, litigation and applicable law

To contact dayra.eu customer service you can do so via email contact@dayra.eu. Dayra.eu could not be held liable for breach of contract concluded in cases of force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike, in particular postal services and means of transport and / or communications, flood or fire. In case of litigation, the member will address priority to Dayra.eu for a friendly settlement. These General Conditions are governed by Romanian law. The parties mutually agree that all litigation, regardless of their nature, relating to the present sale, compliance, performance and interpretation shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the place of the registered office of Dayra.eu. Dayra.eu reserves the right to modify the general conditions of sale without prior notice, being able to change, suppress or add both the contents and services that are rendered through the same as the way in which they appear presented or located in their servers. These changes must be accepted by the User every time he makes a purchase through the Dayra.eu page.


VIII. Personal data protection 

Dayra.eu will incorporate the personal data provided by the Buyer through forms, online requests, orders of products or services or through any other form in the clients file.This company guarantees the adoption of the necessary measures to ensure the confidential treatment of said data and to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access according to the established in the current legislation. The Buyer who has data recorded in the Clients file of Dayra.eu. May at any time exercise the right to access, rectify and, where appropriate, cancel the personal data provided to Dayra.eu. 


Dayra.eu reserves the right to fix the validity of an offer freely according to available stock and other commercial factors. Bids can be canceled at any time unless clearly specified dates are specified for such promotions. When an offer contains ... Random Colors you will be sent the purchased product in a random color 

X. Coupons and Discount Coupons: 

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