Anal vibrator, anal dildo , or anal balls are words and expressions we hear more and more as many people practice anal sex. We can all agree that anal sex is much more widely accepted and that there is much more open discussion about the subject today than there was just a few years ago.

This explains why the demand for anal sex toys has increased. Manufacturers of erotic products have noticed this growing trend. After lengthy investigations, they have managed to create products for anal stimulation with a fresh design, advanced technology, and the quality of the materials used being beyond reproach.

If you have decided to buy and use products for anal sex, continue reading this article.

Stores for adults sell three types of anal sex products:

- Anal sex toys - vibrators, dildos, and anal balls

- anal lubricants - Organic, Hybrid, Silica Base, Silicone Base

- anal hygiene products - anal enemas, anal douches

1. Anal sex toys What kind of anal sex toys can I buy?

You can choose a sex toy by brand, color, price, or design, but you need to know what you expect from such a product to make the right choice. What kind of experience it should provide, and what needs and desires it can satisfy.

Anal Sex Toys with Vibration vs. Anal Sex Toys without Vibration.

A) Vibrating Anal Sex Toys - Anal Vibrators

If you want fast and powerful orgasms, I advise you to choose an anal sex toy with vibration. Vibrating anal plugs can stimulate the anus very intensely. They are easy to insert thanks to their narrow tip and can be worn safely because they have a broad base, preventing them from sliding into the anal canal.

I highly recommend the new Anbiguo collection, available in the sex shop, consisting of 5 anal plugs in different shapes. Made from ultra-soft black silicone, they are smooth and virtually flawless, having a firm but flexible design. Their seven vibration modes with varying degrees of intensity can be easily adjusted using WATCHME technology, a smartwatch that works as a remote control. Designed for a quality experience, they are rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

Anbiguo anal vibrating plugs

The vibrating anal balls also deliver pure anal pleasure. They have small bead-shaped balls that get larger towards the base and are flexible at the tip. The Ronie vibrator from Moresa is one of the most popular vibrating anal balls on An elegant and simple to use a product designed to provide intense physical pleasure in any situation and under any circumstances.

B) Vibration-free sex toys - Anal dildos

If you are a person who knows your body well, if you have been in a relationship with your partner for a long time but are looking to try something new, I advise you to buy a vibration-free anal sex toy. With rigid, non-vibrating toys, you can discover new erogenous zones of your body. Usually made of medical silicone, chrome-plated metal, or glass, models in this category have thoughtful details, various sizes, and stimulating textures. Due to the materials used, sales of chrome-plated metal butt plugs and glass butt plugs are becoming increasingly popular. They can be heated or cooled, are a greener option, and, if cared for, can last a lifetime. The elegant and exclusive handcrafted glass butt plugs from Icicles are among the most sought-after.

2. Anal lubrication.

Unlike the vagina, the anus has no self-lubricating capacity, so using a quality anal lubricant is a must. The Black Hole brand has developed an affordable, high-quality dilator lubricant specifically designed for anal sex. Thanks to the slightly numbing effect, the sphincter is effectively relaxed and guarantees painless penetration without loss of sensation. Made in Europe, Black Hole anal lubricant is easy to wash off with water, leaves no residue, and contains no dyes.

anal lubricant black hole

3. Hygiene accessories

To enjoy all that the exciting world of anal sex offers, you need to be prepared to ensure cleanliness, safety, and total satisfaction. Practice anal sex only after defecation, followed by an anal shower. Among the anal hygiene items, the Anbiguo automatic refillable irrigator stands out for its superior cleanliness. This fully automatic cleansing system includes an advanced design created for deep cleaning. The cleaning enema features five flow modes at five speeds, a 360-degree multi-directional spray attachment, and a state-of-the-art lithium battery charging system.


Both men and women can have orgasms through anal stimulation regardless of sexual orientation. When practicing anal sex, you should be guided by Neptune, the planet of imagination. The anus needs a lot of attention and tenderness; for this orifice, a little goes a long way, so prepare for penetration and take it one step at a time. Use small diameter anal toys size S at first and anal lubricants. Keep it relaxed to avoid a painful experience. Advanced design created for deep cleaning. The cleaning enema features five flow modes at five speeds, a 360-degree multi-directional spray attachment, and a state-of-the-art lithium battery charging system.

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