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Aromatic condoms

Flavored condoms are the best solution for any type of sexual contact and are absolutely delicious when it comes to oral sex. Depending on your culinary preferences, you can choose the flavor you like the most. You have the most popular aromas such as strawberry, chocolate or oranges, as well as special flavors such as mint, champagne or chewing gum.

If you need stocks for a longer period of time, you have an intense sexual life, or you do not want to stay uncovered, we recommend you the big boxes with 144 units that will be your side for a long time, plus the most advantageous, economic price.

If you can not decide on a single flavor and need diversity, the best solution for you is the mix package that gives you 6 condoms with different flavors so you never get bored.

Condoms with flavors are recommended not only for oral sex but also for their aphrodisiac effect. Strawberry flavor that spreads in the air from quality condoms or chocolate flavor will definitely create that hot atmosphere in which you put all your fantasies in the scene.

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