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When you want something really special and interesting you can experience using special condoms from this category. Whether it's condoms that give you inspiration due to special textures or just want something out of print like neon condoms, you'll surely find a product to help you put your fantasies into practice. 

Neon condoms are made in three layers of which only the inner one has pigment so as not to affect the health of the user. Texture condoms may have lines, ridges, dots, or other unevenness and were thought to stimulate the area better during sex.

Female condoms are also a special category of condoms that have an enlarged area and a special type of contact stimulating the G point, so for their pleasure you can give them a chance. Another example of special condoms are those lubricated and with heating effect.

This type is impregnated with a special lubricant that heats up during contact, generating a unique sensation. In this category you can find condoms with special or personalized sizes, this condoms can perfectly fit you even if you look for extra small, small ,large or extra large. 

These are just a few examples of special condoms that you can buy at discount prices from our online store. For inspiration we recommend browsing this category and you will definitely find the condom model you want.

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