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Sexual Lubricants and Oils

Even though the human body has its own lubrication system, which has the main purpose of preparing for sexual intercourse and facilitating it, there are also less pleasant moments in which natural lubrication is not enough, in which case an intimate lubricant to be applied in the erogenous zone. Oils are a special range of products, both lubricating and exciting. For this purpose there are several types of products that deserve attention. Oils and creams to stimulate sexual intercourse, we strongly recommend you try.

Edible oils are perfect for gentle or energetic moments in which every part of the body is explored. They can be found with various flavors, from chocolate to strawberry, and you can choose them according to your taste preferences.

Oils and massage creams

Massage can be just a pleasant and relaxing activity, but it can also gain erotic connotations

Erotic Massage can be a precursor to intense sexual intercourse because it has both relaxing and exciting effect. With the help of our sexshop category cream and massage oils, you will be able to give your sex partner a massage that you will both enjoy in the end. Choose the right flavor and texture from our multitude of products and you can go with confidence.

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