Anal Lubricants

Anal lubricants 

Because the anus can not lubricate itself naturally, as is the case of the vagina, using a specially designed lubricant for this purpose is the best choice before trying an anal sex. Anal lubricants are specially designed for anal sex. The texture of such an intimate lubricant gel is more dense to ensure effective lubrication.

With anal-based lubricants you will successfully avoid anal lesions or pain-induced discomfort. Also, for added safety, you can choose an anal lubricant that includes a desensitizing agent in the formula so that any discomfort can be eliminated.  Silicone based lubricants are considered to be the most effective products because they guarantee a superior lubrication that will last for a long time.

There are mixed versions that contain water and silicone, or variants of water-based anal lubricant and the choice of the best product depends on your preference.

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