Silicon Base

Silicone based lubricants  

Silicone based lubricants are also popular products for a variety of reasons. It resists water very well and can be used at the pool, in the shower and in the tub. It cleans up quickly and efficiently using soap and lasts for a longer period before completely drying.

These products have a high concentration and provide quick and effective lubrication of the genitals. Silicone used in these intimate lubricants has no adverse effects in contact with the human body and the gel used is not absorbed into the skin and is hypoallergenic.  And in this category there is a natural lubricant like Bioglade products that have special formulations designed to reduce the number of chemicals used.  

When looking for a practical and easy to carry solution anywhere and you are a dynamic person, always eager to go out and try new things, you can choose MixGliss products in the form of 4 ml lubricating bags that come in 12 product boxes . So it will not be necessary to take with you the whole bottle of lubricant.

Just put a few envelopes in your pocket and you're always ready for strong feelings no matter where you are.

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