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  • Lubricants

    Lubricants are very useful products that contribute successfully to improve sexual intercourse, help relieve physical problems and provide more pleasure. When you want to enjoy quality sensual games, lubricants are the best solution. In our online store dayra.eu we offer you a wide range of lubricants for all your preferences and whims and explain how you should choose according to the sexual activity you are practicing.


    Water based lubricant

    They are the most harmless in contact with the skin and offer the advantage of reacting positively with latex, making them ideal for use in combination with latex-containing condoms. Such a water-based lubricant gel is also compatible with erotic toys. Water based lubricants are not suitable for people who practice sex in the water. It also requires frequent applications because it dries faster than other types of lubricants.

    Silicone based lubricant

    Most silicone lubricants are in the form of oils. These products provide long-term lubrication but can not be used in combination with latex. We recommend that you read the product label before using it as well as indications on the compatibility of the product with latex-containing condoms or erotic toys. These lubricants last very well in contact with water and are perfect for people who prefer sex in water.

    Anal lubricant

    These products are exclusively for anal sex. Lubricants in this category do not smell, irritate or generate allergies while making anal sex pleasant. All activities involving anal contact require the use of the right lubricant, as the anus tissue does not have a mechanism to provide natural lubrication. The analytical lubricants allow good slipping during the pentry and provide pleasant sensations.

    Organic lubricant 

    Organic lubricants have many natural ingredients in their composition. Certain products can be 100% organic, while others have a low content of chemicals. The most popular organic lubricant belongs to the Bioglide brand and is perfect for people who have sensitive skin or who prefer ecological and natural solutions.

    These lubricants have a composition based on purified water and plant extracts, providing delicate lubrication and moisturizing sensitive skin in the genital area. The smooth and light texture offers the most effective lubrication, but not for a long period of time, as is the case with silicone lubricants. Another advantage of these lubricants is that they allow use in combination with erotic toys and condoms.

    The most popular brands of lubricants

    In our store you can navigate through a wide range of intimate lubricating gels to ensure the highest level of pleasure during sexual contact, regardless of its type. One of the most popular brands is Swede, which offers high-quality lubricants in small 15 ml or large containers of 50 ml with different flavors based on water or silicone. The Swede brand Fruity Love products can also be used as massage oils, edible and available in various flavors. From organic lubricants, as mentioned above, the Bioglide brand offers natural lubricant with a formula rich in natural ingredients, special for people with sensitive skin.

    These are just a few examples of lubricants that you can buy from our store. All you have to do is determine the type of lubricant according to the purpose, aroma, brand and texture and you can enjoy unforgettable intimate moments. All products marketed in our online store are tested and approved by industry specialists and are distinguished on the market due to the quality and the great price.  

    You can choose between cool and warm lubricants 

    When looking for an exciting product, you can try products that provide a cool feeling or warmth during sexual intercourse. We encourage you to try both types to determine what suits you individually and which are more suited to the couple. You can test several variants until you find the lubricant that will fully satisfy you.

    Before using lubricants, we recommend that you carefully read the usage recommendations. You certainly do not want to destroy your favorite toys or find out that the condom has been affected by the wrong lubricant. In our online store dayra.eu you will find premium products with high quality ingredients that will not cause allergic reactions or an imbalance in the natural skin pH. With our help, you benefit from extra comfort because products can be ordered online and will reach your door or address at the address indicated without the discomfort of buying in shops or pharmacies and feeling embarrassed by the insinuating looks of employees .

    Choose a lubricant right now for you!

Sexual Lubricants and Oils

Even though the human body has its own lubrication system, which has the main purpose of preparing for sexual intercourse and facilitating it, there are also less pleasant moments in which natural lubrication is not enough, in which case an intimate lubricant to be applied in the erogenous zone.
Oils are a special range of products, both lubricating and exciting. For this purpose there are several types of products that deserve attention. Three major categories of such oils and creams are stimulated to stimulate sexual intercourse, which we recommend you try.

Oils for enhancing female orgasm
Clitoral stimulation gels are products that enhance female orgasm. Nymphorgasmic Gel Cream offers much more intense excitement and can be applied to both the clitoris and the vagina. Also included in this category are gels that have cooling or heating effects. The two sensations so different can stimulate and amplify orgasm, which is why we recommend you try them.
Edible oils are perfect for gentle or energetic moments in which every part of the body is explored. They can be found with various flavors, from chocolate to strawberry, and you can choose them according to your taste preferences.
Vaginal contraction oils are perfect for people who do not have a very developed pelvic musculature and who need an incentive to do so.

Oils and massage creams
Massage can be just a pleasant and relaxing activity, but it can also gain erotic connotations. Erotic Massage can be a precursor to intense sexual intercourse because it has both relaxing and exciting effect. With the help of our sexshop category cream and massage oils, you will be able to give your sex partner a massage that you will both enjoy in the end. Choose the right flavor and texture from our multitude of products and you can go with confidence.

Oils for male enhancement
A very important category of oils are those that increase masculine potency. We offer a wide range of products in different forms such as creams, gels and capsules with potency enhancement. All of this has the role of increasing virility for a certain period of time. There are also products that can be applied locally, in or around the penis area, and long-lasting products that enhance virility and sexual appetite, such as capsules.
All products are tested by specialists and it is recommended to read the leaflet and determine if there are ingredients in the composition that may interfere with other treatments or with an allergy!

Because the range of products offered in our store is vast and complete, you will definitely find at least one product that suits you, both in terms of composition and flavor, texture and color. All of this adds the fact that the products have advantageous prices and can be found in special packages or offer.