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Sexual Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs can be divided into several categories and their action on sexual activity or libido is multiple. Some aphrodisiacs can fit into several categories simultaneously, but all have one thing in common: all of these vitamins, substances and flavors can induce a strong passion in erotic play and can turn sexuality into art.
 In the online store, we offer high quality products at great prices. We work with suppliers from Portugal and Spain, so you only benefit from EC approved products, originals and at the best price-quality ratio.
Aphrodisiacs can be divided into several categories, each with its own features and benefits.

Fragrances with pheromones
Pheromone fragrances are both aphrodisiac men and aphrodisiac women, and some are even odorless. The odorless fragrances can be combined with your ussual perfume, while flavored products like Taboo Epicurien for him have an intense and exciting fragrance, but also a very high concentration of quality pheromones.
There are also pheromones with sparkling pheromones that can create a more pleasant atmosphere due to visual impact.

Sexual Enhacers
Through sexual potentiators we refer to creams that have the main purpose of increasing erection and or orgasm. Their aphrodisiac effect is based on plants. Potentiators have the role of providing extra energy, stimulating vitality and increasing performance.
Star Orgasm Cream, for example, is applied in small amounts before sexual intercourse to get a more intense orgasm. This product is also recommended for women who report pleasure and emotion diminished during sexual intercourse. This cream is specially made for the intimate areas of women and stimulates the clitoris, making the skin more sensitive.

Aphrodisiacs for delaying ejaculation
Aphrodisiacs for delaying ejaculation can be found in the form of sprays and creams. These apply to the penis and the result will be visible from the first attempt, because it effectively delays ejaculation.
An interesting product is Eros Extended Love Pleasure Level 3, a dermatologically tested product, available in 30ml bottles, which helps you have an intense experience, keeping the penis in erection for a long time. This product also has a refreshing role and you will discover how you feel full of energy right after application.

Love Drops
Love Drops  are food supplements that contain plants and vitamins and food suplements, specially chosen to increase sexual appetite and vitality in general. These treatments are used in long-term applications and can be administered over certain periods of time. An example of this is Spanish Love Drops, a product that not only improves sexual performance but also provides energy. Spanish Love Drops improves in the most natural way the desire, due to its composition, tested and approved by specialists.

You can buy your favorite sex aphrodisiac or a combination of all of the above, and use them according to your needs and expectations. You can mix aphrodisiacs for potency with those for intense female orgasm, and the results will definitely be magical.

We recommend that you read carefully the instructions for use of each product.

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