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Extenders for Penis

All kinds of Penis extenders. Need a few more inches? Find in the DayraEU online sex shop all penis extenders you need.

Penis extensions

The extensions for the penis are divided into several categories and are practically elastic sleeves, textured both inside and outside, with ribs, protuberances or various other forms. If has a textured sleeve on the inside, it can be turned to be used as a masturbator.

Flexible sleeves with closed end

These extensions are similar to the normal ones but have a smaller head and add extra centimeters to the penis. Extensions are good solutions for men who have problems with premature ejaculation because they cover the tip of the penis and make it less sensitive.

Rigid or semi-rigid penis sleeves

The rigid or semi-rigid extensions resemble some realistic, empty dildos inside. They are very useful for people who have difficulty getting an erection or maintaining it, but also for prolonging the sexual act.

Regardless of Sleeve for penis model preferred, you can be sure that you will get intense sexual pleasure during both vaginal and anal sex.

Some sleeves may have a testicle tape to hold them in position. Each such tape can be used in combination with penis rings so that it is better secured. Most penis extensions are universal in size and elastic enough to be used regardless of penis size. There are also extensions for the penis that can have a small vibrator integrated , which can be controlled classically or remotely.

Women can also introduce such toys into the erotic toys collection, being suitable for vibrators made of hard materials such as metal or glass or for lesbian relationships

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