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Ben WA

The Chinese Balls also known as BEN WA balls are one of the most famous sex toys, but they are also perfect for women who want to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Water resistant, soft and made of medical grade silicone, once you have them inside you, your pelvic muscles will start working trying to hold the balls in place.

BenWa -Kegel or Chinese Balls

Kegel vaginal balls are also called Ben Wa balls, which have been used for a long time to strengthen the vaginal muscles and in general to strengthen the pelvic muscles. All these balls have other balls inside them which are also called weight balls. They are known for improving the sexual experiences of partners, but can also be used for medical purposes to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

The very interesting part of these sex toys is that they perfectly combine the useful with the pleasant. Many women use these balls for strictly medicinal purposes, as they help strengthen the vaginal muscles or tighten the vagina. Also, a considerable number of women use these balls for erotic pleasure. The balls cause a high level of excitement when used. They can also be used when the partner has a small penis. If this damages the sex life of the couple, using these vaginal balls can strengthen the vaginal muscles so that the small size of the penis or no longer a problem.

Also, people who suffer from urinary incontinence or those who can't get enough of the intercourse can use Kegel balls, also called orgasm balls, which greatly enhance women's sexual experiences and help them reach orgasm faster. At the same time, these balls have the role of improving and prolonging the climax, an extremely important detail for a satisfying sex life.

Women who have undergone a natural birth or an abortion have a much more dilated vagina. Even if it will recover naturally, the process is long and does not lead to very good results. With the help of Kegel vaginal balls that have the role of restoring the vaginal muscles and bringing it back to its original shape, this small drawback can be overcome. All you have to do is exercise every day.

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