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Vibrators and erotic toys for couples are highly sought after in online erotic shops as they offer a wide range of possibilities. They are elegant articles perfect to give or to give you. Brands such as LELO, WE - VIBE, VIVE or PRETTY LOVE, guarantee a satisfactory purchase.

Erotic Toys for Couples

In the category of erotic toys for couples can be found those sex toys that can be used both face to face and in the distance, and many of the products presented in this category are high tech, proving that technology in the field of sex toys has evolved greatly.

Because life is becoming more complex and the partners are facing the situation of being separated for a long time, the risks of relationships getting cold and reaching the end are very high. Not when using erotic toys for couples. Those that can be controlled with the remote control, even remotely via the Apps, will make barriers such as time and space overcome.

Some of the couple's sex toys would be vibrators in different forms and with different functions or anal plugs and vaginal balls.

Most of them work with the help of special, very secure phone applications, to which only the people involved have access. With the help of these applications, the partner can control the way the sex toy behaves. For example, the vibrations of an anal or clitoral stimulator can be increased, the program in which the toys operate, can be modified, and the two can also be seen through the application.

Not only in distance relationships are these erotic toys useful for couples. For the atmosphere in the bedroom to change considerably, these sex toys for women or men are the best choice. Clitoris or prostate stimulants can be used very successfully and face to face. When you need a sex toy to create that element of surprise in the couple, in our adult store DayraEU you will definitely find the desired toy.

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