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  • Increase Penis Size /...

    Suction pumps and devices with medical certification that serve to lengthen and strengthen the penis. With the use of these penis developers you can get the extra length and thickness you've always wanted.

    Penis Enlargement / Pumps

    It has been found that penis enlargement devices really work and are a real help for all those who want to avoid surgery for that purpose. There are two types of pumps for penis enlargement, electric ones or water ones.

    The power of a water pump is based on the use of water to provide erection. This device looks very similar to the one with air, being as safe and hygienic. The advantage is that these pumps work with hot water for added comfort.

    Electric penis pumps use the current from the batteries to create the vacuum, so that the pump is not manually activated. These pumps, although higher priced, offer a higher level of comfort.

    Penis pumps have a tube or cylinder in which the organ is inserted. Subsequently, with the help of pump functions, which can create vacuum through various methods and techniques, the blood will be directed and drawn to this area, stimulating it and causing it to stretch.

    Sex toys for penis enlargement and penis pumps have a remarkable effect when used according to manufacturers' recommendations. In addition, these sex toys have several considerable benefits: they can treat erectile dysfunction, increase penis size, delay ejaculation, help maintain strong erection, increase sexual appetite and stimulate testosterone levels in the body.

  • Penis Accessories

    Transform your penis into a sex machine with the penis accessories found in our online sex shop. Extensions, sleeves, rings with and without vibrations, penis accessories that allow you to connect with your partner in a way you have never experienced.

    Accessories for Penis

    Penis accessories are usually used to the delight of both partners. The rings, for example, can be chosen in several shapes and sizes or even have more functions, some of them being with remote control. Of course, the price of these penis accessories will vary depending on their complexity, but in DayraEU online sexshop you will definitely find the lowest prices for quality.

    When the penis is aroused, the blood circulation in the area increases. This aspect generates considerable increase in penis size. The role of the accessories is to hold the blood in the penis and to cause a strong erection. The blood gets very easy in this area, but it will not be evacuated as easily, which means that using the accessories for the penis will also prevent the draining of blood from the area, allowing a larger amount to reach here. Delay the Ejaculation.

    The main advantage of penis accessories is that it will be larger and will be firmer than ever, even when the level of circulation is low. Benefits from stronger erections. In addition, using accessories for the penis, ejaculation can be delayed and will greatly increase the sensitivity of the penis for you to enjoy an explosive orgasm.

    Because we think about everything, in this category you will find a large category of penis accessories, so you can buy the one that suits you best.

  • Male Masturbators

    All kinds of Male Masturbators. From realistic vaginas, years, mouths, eggs Tenga to the newest male masturbator BKK. Choose from well-known brands such as Fleshlight, PENTHOUSE, SHOTS, PIPEDREAMS or PRETTY LOVE to enjoy your best orgasm.

    Male Masturbators

    Masturbators for Men are sex toys that play a role in improving penis stimulation while the person masturbates. All these sex toys for men have the role of successfully simulating all types of sexual contact such as anal, vaginal or oral sex. There are also masturbators that offer a wide range of types of sexual stimulation, which you don't normally experience.

    In general, all masturbators for men or sexual stimulators are made of materials with a texture similar to that of a human such as an artificial vagina. Also, they are available in a variety of forms, from the anatomical one of the vagina to the anus, or in unusual forms, resulting from the creativity of the designers who contribute to the production of these masturbators.

    Male sex toys are made from very soft and pleasant materials. Masturbators are flexible and very resistant at the same time and are easy to maintain using special products in the form of sprays that disinfect them before and after use.

    Masturbators are very realistic and have different shapes just to stimulate the imagination of the users, in order to guarantee full pleasure. Masturbators are those little secrets with which all men can be satisfied. The good quality materials from which they are made, will definitely make them to the liking of men.

    Improve Your Sex Life With Quality Xxx Toys!

  • Extenders for Penis

    All kinds of Penis extenders. Need a few more inches? Find in the DayraEU online sex shop all penis extenders you need.

    Penis extensions

    The extensions for the penis are divided into several categories and are practically elastic sleeves, textured both inside and outside, with ribs, protuberances or various other forms. If has a textured sleeve on the inside, it can be turned to be used as a masturbator.

    Flexible sleeves with closed end

    These extensions are similar to the normal ones but have a smaller head and add extra centimeters to the penis. Extensions are good solutions for men who have problems with premature ejaculation because they cover the tip of the penis and make it less sensitive.

    Rigid or semi-rigid penis sleeves

    The rigid or semi-rigid extensions resemble some realistic, empty dildos inside. They are very useful for people who have difficulty getting an erection or maintaining it, but also for prolonging the sexual act.

    Regardless of Sleeve for penis model preferred, you can be sure that you will get intense sexual pleasure during both vaginal and anal sex.

    Some sleeves may have a testicle tape to hold them in position. Each such tape can be used in combination with penis rings so that it is better secured. Most penis extensions are universal in size and elastic enough to be used regardless of penis size. There are also extensions for the penis that can have a small vibrator integrated , which can be controlled classically or remotely.

    Women can also introduce such toys into the erotic toys collection, being suitable for vibrators made of hard materials such as metal or glass or for lesbian relationships

Erotic items designed for men: male masturbators, sexual enhancers, penis enlargement extenders, vibrators to stimulate the man's G-spot, penis rings and sleeves...etc. A catalogue with high quality erotic items manufactured by brands such as Tenga, Fleshlight, PENTHOUSE, SHOTS, PIPEDREAMS or PRETTY LOVE.

Sex Toys for men are divided into categories, so as to cover a wider and more varied range of needs. These special sex toys for men are produced by companies renowned in this industry and appreciated internationally. They are made from premium quality materials that do not endanger the health of the user. Such as products for prolonging sexual intercourse.

Penis enlargement / Pumps

Penis enlargement pumps and sex toys are used by people who want to get larger penis size by non-surgical methods. These solutions are effective and many users have stated their success.

Accessories for the penis

Penis accessories refer to products such as rings or balls, with vibrations, of various sizes and used for multiple purposes. These erotic toys are intended to provide sexual pleasure to both the wearer and the partner when used in couple.

Male masturbators

Classic masturbation is no longer as interesting, since male masturbators appeared. From those with a neutral design to those that very well mimic the anal sex act and the the behavior of the vagina or mouth, masturbators or strokes are highly sought after and appreciated.

Penis extensions

When you need to add extra centimeters at any cost during sexual intercourse, penis extensions are the best solution. In addition, due to the fact that they are done in the most interesting ways, they will offer, besides the length and a different level of satisfaction to the partner, during the sexual act.

All these sex toys for mens are available at various advantageous prices, depending on their complexity