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  • Strap On

    Vibrators, dildos, dildos and realistic penises with harnesses also known as STRAPON. The hollow harnesses are perfect for men with premature ejaculation problems or simply looking to add some extra thickness and size. These erotic toys are perfect for both as they easily fit most sizes.

  • Plugs

    Unisex sex toys for those who want to try the anal game where we concentrate perfect sensitive points to reach orgasm. Vibrators and dildos with ergonomic design to facilitate the entry and to stimulate the point G. Use these well lubricated anal toys.

  • Ben WA

    The Chinese Balls also known as BEN WA balls are one of the most famous sex toys, but they are also perfect for women who want to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Water resistant, soft and made of medical grade silicone, once you have them inside you, your pelvic muscles will start working trying to hold the balls in place.

  • Swings

    Love swings are used for practicing different sexual positions. Get out of the routine and enjoy the sexual positions you never thought it was possible to explore. Love swings, inflatable armchairs and FETISH FANTASY cushions will help you enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions.

  • Dildos

    Dildos are erotic toys that do not vibrate and are made of gelatin, silicone, glass, aluminum ... etc. Realistic penises are the ideal choice for anal or vaginal satisfaction. Dildos with all luxury of details, veins and testicles very well reproduced, erotic items of great realism.

  • Stimulators

    Sexual stimulators and massagers such as the new Satisfyer Pro 2, to achieve multiple and more intense orgasms. Vibrating bullets, butterflies, stimulators for the clitoris that incorporate new technology that allows to touch all the sensitive points of the clitoris.

  • Kits

    Kit with erotic products, vibrators, rings, handcuffs, Chinese balls, massage oils ... etc. Great variety of choice to stimulate all parts of the body of him and her.

  • Hygiene and Cleaners

    In the category of cleanliness and intimate hygiene you can buy tampons, vaginal cups, disposable hygienic sheets, vibrator cleaner, intimate deodorant, imprescriptible items for optimal conditioning and intimate hygiene.

  • Masturbators for Her

    Classic vibrators, rampant vibrators, dildos, stimulators and vibrating bullets. Exclusive erotic toys to experience pleasures you've never dreamed of. The most important brands in the erotic world

  • Dolls

    Inflatable dolls and dolls to enjoy your funniest moments. Inflatable dolls with several penetrable holes.

  • Penises

    Realistic penises of high quality, available in several sizes and colors. Designs perfectly elaborated on exact replicas of real penises, with all luxury of details, veins and testicles very well reproduced. Realistic penises with or without vibrations.

  • Vibratores

    Vibrating erotic toys. Vibrators classic, rampant, realistic, for couples, with remote control or APP control. The latest innovations, silent but powerful vibrators, submersible and discreet, easy to use.

  • Masks/Cuffs

    Masks, handcuffs, ropes and bondage ribbons, erotic toys perfect for getting out of the routine. Our online catalog has a very varied range, erotic items perfect for both beginners and experienced.

  • Metal / Glass

    Erotic toys made of high quality glass or metal for playing hard. Thanks to its material submerge it under hot or cold water, and catch the temperature immediately. Toys made with these materials are much more durable, are submersible and can be used with all types of lubricants.

  • For Couples

    Vibrators and erotic toys for couples are highly sought after in online erotic shops as they offer a wide range of possibilities. They are elegant articles perfect to give or to give you. Brands such as LELO, WE - VIBE, VIVE or PRETTY LOVE, guarantee a satisfactory purchase.

  • For Him

    Erotic items designed for men: male masturbators, sexual enhancers, penis enlargement extenders, vibrators to stimulate the man's G-spot, penis rings and sleeves...etc. A catalogue with high quality erotic items manufactured by brands such as Tenga, Fleshlight, PENTHOUSE, SHOTS, PIPEDREAMS or PRETTY LOVE.

  • Fetish / Bondage

    The Fetish-Bondage category of our sex shop is designed so that you can easily buy accessories for sadomasochism, BDSM, Bondage or fetish sex. BDSM items have been meticulously selected to ensure safety and comfort. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert in these practices, in our sex shop you can find and buy what you are looking for.