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  • Strap On

    Vibrators, dildos, dildos and realistic penises with harnesses also known as STRAPON. Ideal for Mens and Womens. The hollow harnesses are perfect for men with premature ejaculation problems or simply looking to add some extra thickness and size. These erotic toys are perfect for anyone as they easily fit most sizes.

  • Plugs

    Unisex sex toys for those who want to try the anal game where we concentrate perfect sensitive points to reach orgasm. Vibrators and dildos with ergonomic design to facilitate the entry and to stimulate the point G. Use these well lubricated anal toys.

  • Ben WA

    The Chinese Balls also known as BEN WA balls are one of the most famous sex toys, but they are also perfect for women who want to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Water resistant, soft and made of medical grade silicone, once you have them inside you, your pelvic muscles will start working trying to hold the balls in place.

    BenWa -Kegel or Chinese Balls

    Kegel vaginal balls are also called Ben Wa balls, which have been used for a long time to strengthen the vaginal muscles and in general to strengthen the pelvic muscles. All these balls have other balls inside them which are also called weight balls. They are known for improving the sexual experiences of partners, but can also be used for medical purposes to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

    The very interesting part of these sex toys is that they perfectly combine the useful with the pleasant. Many women use these balls for strictly medicinal purposes, as they help strengthen the vaginal muscles or tighten the vagina. Also, a considerable number of women use these balls for erotic pleasure. The balls cause a high level of excitement when used. They can also be used when the partner has a small penis. If this damages the sex life of the couple, using these vaginal balls can strengthen the vaginal muscles so that the small size of the penis or no longer a problem.

    Also, people who suffer from urinary incontinence or those who can't get enough of the intercourse can use Kegel balls, also called orgasm balls, which greatly enhance women's sexual experiences and help them reach orgasm faster. At the same time, these balls have the role of improving and prolonging the climax, an extremely important detail for a satisfying sex life.

    Women who have undergone a natural birth or an abortion have a much more dilated vagina. Even if it will recover naturally, the process is long and does not lead to very good results. With the help of Kegel vaginal balls that have the role of restoring the vaginal muscles and bringing it back to its original shape, this small drawback can be overcome. All you have to do is exercise every day.

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  • Swings

    Love swings are used for practicing different sexual positions. Get out of the routine and enjoy the sexual positions you never thought it was possible to explore. Love swings, inflatable armchairs and FETISH FANTASY cushions will help you enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions.

  • Dildos

    Dildos are erotic toys that do not vibrate and are made of gelatin, silicone, glass, aluminum ... etc. Realistic penises are the ideal choice for anal or vaginal satisfaction. Dildos with all luxury of details, veins and testicles very well reproduced, erotic items of great realism.

  • Stimulators

    Sexual stimulators and massagers such as  Satisfyer Pro 2, to achieve multiple and more intense orgasms. Vibrating bullets, butterflies, stimulators for the clitoris that incorporate new technology that allows to touch all the sensitive points of the clitoris.

    Sexual stimulators are erotic toys that can be easily used in couples and can put the most interesting fantasies on stage. These stimulants are sex toys for both men and women. In the DayraEU adult online store we have all the famous brands, which come from internationally recognized brands.

    Depending on how they are used they can be classified in intensifiers for anal sensations, for clitoral sensations, for penis enlargement and the list can definitely continue.

    For those who are still wondering what these sexual stimulants are useful for, we should mention that especially in couples, sex life tends to become monotonous, until it disappears almost completely. With the help of sexual stimulators, one can restore the passion in the bedroom, by the simple fact that the two will be interested in always trying new sensations. Sexual stimulants can be considered salt and pepper in bed, and once such a sex toy has been purchased, there will surely be others who will join it as soon as possible.

    A wide selection of adult toys  especially for couples whose aim is to stimulate and intensify their sexual appetite such as Double vibrators or Rabbit style, vibrating rings for penis, plugs and balls for vaginal or anal use.

    All sex toys in the sexual stimulants category are made from premium quality materials, coming from recognized companies and being tested by specialists before being marketed, secure for body!

  • Kits

    Kit with erotic products, vibrators, rings, handcuffs, Chinese balls, massage oils ... etc. Great variety of choice to stimulate all parts of the body of him and her.

  • Hygiene and Cleaners

    In the category of cleanliness and intimate hygiene you can buy tampons, vaginal cups, disposable hygienic sheets, vibrator cleaner, intimate deodorant, imprescriptible items for optimal conditioning and intimate hygiene.

  • Masturbators for Her

    Classic realistic vibrators, rampant vibrators, dildos, stimulators and vibrating bullets. Exclusive erotic toys to experience pleasures you've never dreamed of. The most important brands in the erotic world

    Masturbating for Women

    Masturbators for women are a very wide range of sex toys, from double or realistic vibrators to anal stimulators or even eggs and Kegel Balls, with a variety of options available and high tech features. If it is an area of ​​your body that you like to be stimulated, then there is a xxx toy for it.

    Choosing the first sex toy can be a difficult time because there are a lot of different styles to choose from, but it all comes down to the part of the body for which these toys should be used and we should mention that this is not limited to the vagina or clitoris. These are the most popular areas for masturbation and most of the complex and interesting toys are produced for them but you can also try xxx toys for nipples or for anal area such as anal balls or plugs.

    Among the most popular sex toys for women are vibrators. It is said that no bedroom is complete without a vibrator, but next to your favorite vibrator you can put a dildo, for the days when you want to do everything or you need a more natural feeling. Kegel balls are perfect masturbators that will also help you exercise to strengthen the vaginal walls and pelvic floor.

    Xxx toys for clitoral massage are some of the most sought after as they help users quickly achieve orgasm. 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

    The good news is that in our xxx online store you will definitely find the most interesting sex toys at a great price, so you can build a real collection in no time.

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  • Dolls

    Inflatable dolls and dolls to enjoy better masturbation and new erotic games. Inflatable sex dolls with several penetrable holes or with Penis.

  • Penises

    Realistic penises of high quality, available in several sizes and colors. Designs perfectly elaborated on exact replicas of real penises, with all luxury of details, veins and testicles very well reproduced. Realistic penises with or without vibrations.

  • Vibratores

    Vibrating erotic toys. Vibrators classic, rampant, realistic, for couples, with remote control or APP control. The latest innovations, silent but powerful vibrators, submersible and discreet, easy to use.

  • Masks/Cuffs

    Masks, handcuffs, ropes and bondage ribbons, erotic toys perfect for getting out of the routine. Our online catalog has a very varied range, erotic items perfect for both beginners and experienced.

  • Metal / Glass

    Erotic toys made of high quality glass or metal for playing hard. Thanks to its material submerge it under hot or cold water, and catch the temperature immediately. Toys made with these materials are much more durable, are submersible and can be used with all types of lubricants.

  • For Couples

    Vibrators and erotic toys for couples are highly sought after in online erotic shops as they offer a wide range of possibilities. They are elegant articles perfect to give or to give you. Brands such as LELO, WE - VIBE, VIVE or PRETTY LOVE, guarantee a satisfactory purchase.

    Erotic Toys for Couples

    In the category of erotic toys for couples can be found those sex toys that can be used both face to face and in the distance, and many of the products presented in this category are high tech, proving that technology in the field of sex toys has evolved greatly.

    Because life is becoming more complex and the partners are facing the situation of being separated for a long time, the risks of relationships getting cold and reaching the end are very high. Not when using erotic toys for couples. Those that can be controlled with the remote control, even remotely via the Apps, will make barriers such as time and space overcome.

    Some of the couple's sex toys would be vibrators in different forms and with different functions or anal plugs and vaginal balls.

    Most of them work with the help of special, very secure phone applications, to which only the people involved have access. With the help of these applications, the partner can control the way the sex toy behaves. For example, the vibrations of an anal or clitoral stimulator can be increased, the program in which the toys operate, can be modified, and the two can also be seen through the application.

    Not only in distance relationships are these erotic toys useful for couples. For the atmosphere in the bedroom to change considerably, these sex toys for women or men are the best choice. Clitoris or prostate stimulants can be used very successfully and face to face. When you need a sex toy to create that element of surprise in the couple, in our adult store DayraEU you will definitely find the desired toy.

  • For Him

    Erotic items designed for men: male masturbators, sexual enhancers, penis enlargement extenders, vibrators to stimulate the man's G-spot, penis rings and sleeves...etc. A catalogue with high quality erotic items manufactured by brands such as Tenga, Fleshlight, PENTHOUSE, SHOTS, PIPEDREAMS or PRETTY LOVE.

    Sex Toys for men are divided into categories, so as to cover a wider and more varied range of needs. These special sex toys for men are produced by companies renowned in this industry and appreciated internationally. They are made from premium quality materials that do not endanger the health of the user. Such as products for prolonging sexual intercourse.

    Penis enlargement / Pumps

    Penis enlargement pumps and sex toys are used by people who want to get larger penis size by non-surgical methods. These solutions are effective and many users have stated their success.

    Accessories for the penis

    Penis accessories refer to products such as rings or balls, with vibrations, of various sizes and used for multiple purposes. These erotic toys are intended to provide sexual pleasure to both the wearer and the partner when used in couple.

    Male masturbators

    Classic masturbation is no longer as interesting, since male masturbators appeared. From those with a neutral design to those that very well mimic the anal sex act and the the behavior of the vagina or mouth, masturbators or strokes are highly sought after and appreciated.

    Penis extensions

    When you need to add extra centimeters at any cost during sexual intercourse, penis extensions are the best solution. In addition, due to the fact that they are done in the most interesting ways, they will offer, besides the length and a different level of satisfaction to the partner, during the sexual act.

    All these sex toys for mens are available at various advantageous prices, depending on their complexity

  • Fetish / Bondage

    The Fetish-Bondage category of our online sex shop is designed so that you can easily buy accessories for sadomasochism, BDSM, Bondage or fetish sex. BDSM items have been meticulously selected to ensure safety and comfort. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert in these practices, in the sex shop DayraEU you can find and buy what you are looking for.

    Fetish/Bondage Accesories

    Whether you are deeply involved in BDSM sex practices or just apply some lighter parts and have some interesting fetish, Bondage and Fetish practices have a lot to offer to anyone. Fetishes are a normal thing and you should not hide or fear them. When you have convinced your partner to try something, in DayraEU sex shop you will definitely find the most interesting xxx fetish bondage toys, to stage any desire and any moment you want to reproduce.

    From the classic handcuffs for sex, with or without puffs, and to corsets, straps and tougher accessories, for begginers and advcanced users, we have surely the widest range of such sex toys, from which to choose the right ones. After all, all you have to do is let go of the imagination and test new feelings and new options.

    There is a reason why erotic toys and fetish bondage accesories are very popular. Most toys have the role of improving the playing time between the partners and increase the erotic sensations for both the dominant and the submissive. Bondage equipment can establish and maintain dominance over the partner, creating those interesting erotic games of consensual power. In addition, one of the most common fetishes is to bind the partner, to cover his eyes and other such completely harmless actions, but which can exponentially change the sensations and experiences during sexual contact.

    Metal accessories for extreme Sado / Bdsm practices and for the experienced ones like urethral dilator or gag. The most popular continue to be toys, masks and whips in different designs and shapes. We invite you to try the Bdsm Kits which could be a great gift for your partner because they include all the items needed for an erotic bdsm light session.

    Some of these erotic toys are not intended for beginners, which is why we recommend that the debut be made with as harmless but extremely creative toys as are many of the ones offered by us.

Sex Toys

In the DayraEU online sex shop, you can find premium quality sex toys, at very attractive prices, for all your preferences and to put on the scene the most interesting sexual fantasies. The experience of our team over 5 years in the big marketplaces in Europe, led to the opening of the DayraEU online store.
The major advantage offered by DayraEU online sexshop compared to other similar online stores is definitely the price. With the help of long-term partnerships with suppliers from Europe, we offer advantageous prices, so that our clients get a better.

How can the best sex toys be chosen?

There are more details that buyers should take into account when choosing their sex toys, so that they are the right ones.


The materials are very important and in our online store for adults we provide the client only erotic toys easy to use and made of premium quality materials, easy to clean and maintain, which do not endanger the health of the user.Because we work with internationally recognized manufacturers, adult toys have been created with specialists in the field.


There are very simple and classic sex toys, or complex sex toys with many functions available. Vibrators, Couplers, for Couples, suction or with more vibration intensities and diversified movements.
People who are looking for a smart or high tech sex toy will find on our shelves online toys with a multitude of diversified functions for couples, which also allow the facilitation of distance relationships. From classic toys, such as dildos with batteries or not, toys with remote control functions, or sextoys specially designed for app-controlled video chat, DayraEU is here to provide you everything you want.

The type of sex toy

Because users are different and sex toys are just as different. There are adult toys for male sexual stimulation and toys for female stimulation, which in turn are divided into several categories. For example, toys for clitoral stimulation, G-spot, masturbators, BenWa vaginal balls for Kegel exercises, Anal plugs, and the list remain open.
Similarly, sex toys for men are also very diversified, so that all buyers find the right adult toy. Every sexual fantasy, even the most unusual, can easily be staged using sex toys from the DayraEU online store. Among the most popular categories for men would be Penis PumpsMale Masturbators or Penis Extenders.
The public is represented by all the elderly. Products are sold for men, couples, women, at attractive or promotional prices, so that our online store is accessible to all. We are an adult store where every person can buy sex toys while maintaining a sense of normalcy.
The packages are sent in discreet packaging, without any distinctive remarks. Thus, you do not have to worry that you will meet with the curious eyes of the courier, that you must hide the package arrives or that it will attract attention when you pass the box next to different people.

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