May 4, 2018 By: Dayra EU
Fun in Couple with Erotic Board Games
You can make this night different from all the others with adult board games. Play an erotic game that will surprise you both, laugh and love each other as your clothes begin to disappear. It's fun to do this, and while enjoying a friendly competition.
Oct 4, 2017 By: Dayra EU
The Vaginal Cup and Menstrual Sponges the hygienic and comfortable alternative.
For years, women have used tampons or pads to collect blood and protect clothing during their periods. But a menstrual cup provides women with an alternative to these traditional methods. The small, flexible cup is made of silicone and instead of absorbing its flow, like a tampon or pad, it traps it and picks it up. A healthy choice - no yeast, bacteria or odor, just comfort and cleanliness.
Sep 4, 2017 By: Dayra EU
Condoms: Pleasure and Protection. Now it is possible to have both
Sex can be fantastic but also risky, you can get many sexually transmitted diseases or have an unwanted pregnancy. One of the most popular and economical methods to protect yourself is the use of condoms.
May 4, 2017 By: Dayra EU
Sex Play with Essential Oils
Everyone wants and deserves to have a passionate, sensual and satisfying sex life. Erotic essential oils can help you find a partner willing to play; their use in the bedroom can certainly enhance the sexual experience.
Apr 4, 2017 By: Dayra EU
The Sexual Toy that Revolutionizes Virtual Sex
To make masturbation a truly unforgettable experience this innovative male masturbator incorporates an erotic game that combines virtual reality and motion detection technology.
Mar 1, 2017 By: Dayra EU
The Magic of Love Drops and Perfumes with Pheromones
For more fun during sex, try a few drops of love with pheromones and let yourself be surprised by their magic. This product will give you the maximum effect of erotic emotion. It accelerates lust and improves sexual sensations every time you use them. Love drops with pheromones will stimulate you effectively and help you reach maximum pleasure during sex and increase the energy of your body. It...
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