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  • Pheromone Perfume

    Perfumes with pheromones available in different presentations, depending on the sexual option: Unisex Heterosexuals, Gays and Lesbians. These perfumes are made with a very high concentration of pheromones.

  • Enhancers

    Erection-enhancing creams with herbal aphrodisiac effect. These enhancers will give you extra energy, boost your vitality and increase your performance.

  • Delayer

    Delaying creams that only delay ejaculation leaving just the right sensitivity for the penis to feel pleasure. Dermatologically tested original products

  • Caps

     Its natural ingredients help to achieve a quality sex life and allow you to increase the size of your male member.

  • sensitisers

    It is an elixir of liquid stimulation with magic effect of fast absorption that favors the sexual relation of quality.

  • Love Drops

    Sexual enhancer for men and women, mainly comoposed of savor'y extract which helps to maintain normal sexual desire